Every business is now on mobile. People don’t have enough time to open computers and laptop now. All are heavily active from their phones.  So, if you have specific application on app store to fulfill there queries and needs, they will surely spend time there. Samyak IT solution is a leading mobile application development company in Jaipur offering iOS and Android application development.

What’s to come next?

Increasing brand visibility – Mobile phones, Tablets are the most heavily used devices in our daily lives. Developing mobile apps for a business benefits the business owners as well as the customers. This is important for maintaining customer satisfaction & easy to use. App Store Optimization (ASO) is to select 25 app store keywords for the next release of your app. To improve business processes and increase the level of accessibility mobile app is used by many businesses. Because of it’s seamless connection and interact with customers, making phone app a valuable tool for the modern business. Apps reduce costs of SMS and paper newsletters. Mobile Websites are usually 1.5 times slower than Mobile Phone Applications. App perform actions much faster.

Can Apple afford a failure?

Google’s Operating System Android and Apple’s iOS are used primarily in mobile technology smartphones and tablets. World’s most common Smartphone platform is Android which is used by different phone manufacturers. iOS is only used on Apple devices like iPhone and iPad. Android covers 7 times more market than iOS. But iOS is more secured as compared to Android. There’s a loyal fan base for Apple products who will buy anything new by Apple Inc.
Apple Inc. iOS applications run on Objective-C or Swift whereas Android apps run on Java programming language. Any mobile application is checked by Apple before being published in the App Store, Android does not have such strict verification procedures. Deciding whether to build a business app for Android or iOS (Apple) depends on 5 factors: your audience, project deadline, required app features, app maintenance budget and revenue goal. Which help you choose android vs iOS.

The Difference

The major difference between the Android & iOS platforms is the way end-users navigate through the app. The basic element in Android User Interface is the Drawer menu which is a drop-down list of elements, situated at one side of the screen. Apple iOS uses the tab bar, its navigation is located in the bar at the bottom of the screen. Android version shows icons only on the tab row, whereas the iOS version also has labels.
Mobile Phone Applications are an integral part of our lives these days. Applications are created on multiple platforms as Android, iOS, Windows etc. Mobile Phone Application Development is the future of Software Development. Smart-phone’s user are demanding for better applications and want to update existing installed ones which in turn created a huge scope for Android application development. Main purpose of Mobile application is to give users more direct connection and access to from their tiny device.

Let’s Work Together

Why Work With Samyak ?
Samyak has transformed itself now, is exploring new markets and ventured into new businesses. While we continue to shape the credit market all over the world, we have enhanced our expertise with delivery in competitive price & time. We have also expanded our expertise area in IT services across the globe.
Samyak IT Solutions is Jaipur India based Software Company. US HeadQuarter with 15+ branches worldwide. Certified by ISO 9001:2015, Google and HP business partner.
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