Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups: Digital marketing is prominent task for any organization. Every business is looking for web presence so that they can generate businesses online. Samyak IT solutions also provide best digital marketing services in Jaipur for startups and professional businesses over the world.

Digital marketing is not a one day it activity to get desired results, it takes time. So, you have to keep patience to see results of your digital marketing efforts for business startups.

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups

Here in this article I am sharing some simple and best digital marketing strategy for business startups. They can follow these Digital marketing tips for startups and apply it to get success in business. Check top 5 professional Digital Marketing Tips for Startup In 2019 that will never stopped.

  1. User Experience:

Your audience must be engage on your platform i.e. website. So, the quality of website should be ultimate and nice appearance for the visitors. If they are spending some time on your website and visiting different pages of website it is good signals for the search engine. Provide useful content for the users for which they are actually looking at your portal. Setup proper communication channels for them so that they ask query if required. Build their interest with your content and inspire them to take actions on your website. A nice user experience will surely rate your website higher position in the SERP on any search engine.

Website loading time, quality content, communication channels, intuitive UI is the key to build awesome user experience for the client. You can also include the frequently asked questions (FAQs) page in website, which shows most asked queries and their answers.

  1. Creative Content

Make a solid content creation strategy to engage your audience on website. Create unique and fresh targeted content to solve a particular query or user demand. “Content is king”, it gives values to your website in the search engine. A good content is always useful for your potential customers. A creative, fresh and optimized content increase website traffic as well as give boost in search engine ranking.

80% of your content should not be about your business or products while 20% can be focused on your sales and product specification as per Jeff Bullas.

Link received in messengers could be more effective than email marketing campaign in some cases. Content sharing platform and quality of content will affect your business grow.

  1. Social Media Platform

Your business identity starts will website and social media platforms. Engage your audience by posting powerful content through strong social media platforms.

The very first thing for a startup is to plan and develop effective social media strategy. Today’s social media is powerful tool for brand awareness and value. SnapChat and Instagram become popular because of engaging audience with brand names.

Tips for success in social media is consistency and regularity posting or scheduling of posts. A great social media strategy grow conversions, lead generation, brand awareness and better ranking in all major search engines.  

  1. Video Marketing

Videos have become very popular tool to communicate with the people. That is why all major social media websites started live video stories to their platforms like Facebook live, Instagram, YouTube Live streaming, SnapChat stories, Vimeo, Musically, Vigo Video etc. You can share live events, product launch videos, answer users queries via real time video. Your audience feel amazing after connecting more closely with your brand and products.

  1. Search Engine Optimization

The last but not the least is search engine optimization. Apply SEO solutions for brand or website promotion in the search engines. Do SEO audit and know how users are interacting with your social media platforms and website. The SEO process purely targeted to improved website quality, authority and traffic by using different optimization techniques for better position of website in search engine result page. For example, follow the set of rules by Google i.e Google algorithm to rank better in the Google search. If your website is not responsive for mobile devices then you won’t get higher ranking in all devices.

Understand the SEO work and hire the SEO specialist in Jaipur to improve your web presence. So, your business will grow quicker.


That is the end of this article about tips to begin free digital marketing for startups. These are most effective and free ways to promote a startup business. If you have any doubt and query regarding these top 5 Digital Marketing Tips for Startups you can ask in the comment section. If you are looking digital marketing company for your business promotion than contact Samyak IT solutions expert team and grow your business rapidly.