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We are leaders in the development of custom Android and iOS applications.Whether your goal is to turn an ambitious idea into a reality or complement your organisation with a dynamic mobile app, we can help.

Android Apps

SAMYAK is a talented Mobile app development company known for building high performance and scalable mobile apps. We help you create an app that meets your target budget and business goals.

Android Apps

Take benefits of world’s most popular mobile app development platform and reach a diverse range of audiences with custom Android apps made for your business. SAMYAK provides full-cycle Android development service, starting from app strategy planning to regular maintenance and updating – turning your business ideas into feature rich mobile solutions that your customers will find beneficial.

Tailored to meet your needs, our Android app developer team build Android apps from the ground up to complement your existing desktop and web-based software, or work as a stand-alone tool to take your business to greater heights.

iPhone Apps

Design a product that is innovative, engaging and significant. With more revenue per download and higher user retention rates, you can gain more revenue and user loyalty developing for iOS.

iPhone Apps

iPhone is a niche to have, same is about iOS Apps. Enhance your business processes with our experienced team of native iOS app developers and UX designers. We can undertake large-scale iPhone apps development projects that function on Apple phones, iPad and wearables to provide all-encompassing solutions for your business.

Our expert have rich industry experience and in- depth technical expertise to develop desired iPhone app that help your organization to stay ahead in the market. Our aim is to provide iPhone app development services with in your budget. We design and develop and launch iPhone apps that deliver consistent value at every step of the iPhone app development life-cycle.

Features That Matter

The Reasons You’ll Love It

Gesture Control

Recognise and interpret movements of the human body, Get the maximum out of your android device !

Amazing App Features

We integrate all kinds of different gesture control combinations to create a more engaging, functional and endearing app experience.

Location Tagging

Localization and the possibility to offer location-based information is a key feature that makes mobility vivid and practical.

Amazing App Features

Know your audience. Not everyone in the world will want your app, so focus on the users who will.

Mobile Shopping Cart

m-commerce is becoming the primary way people make purchases these days. Payment on Mobile is secure !

Amazing App Features

The ability to transact anywhere––whether it’s on the shop floor, in the stock room, or on the go––can mean increased order volume and more loyal customers.

Easy Social Sharing

Transform sharing into a simple and profitable way for other people to get to know you.

Amazing App Features

Potential customers get these ‘suggestions’, which settle on you the clearest decision when they require the sort of services you offer.

Video Integration

Video to be run within the app and not on YouTube etc.

Amazing App Features

Streaming and Video Integration is a unique feature very essential for any Android App these days.

Push Notifications

You’re running a promotional deal. How will you tell your app users ?

Amazing App Features

This method is better than an email because the message gets sent straight to your customers’ phones, like a text message.

Feedback System

Feedbacks are like a mirror – It shows the reflection of a brand.

Amazing App Features

Providing an option for feedback makes it a win-win approach, where users will appreciate the fact that you are open to receive their feedbacks.


Lets develop the app to make things easy for our users.

Amazing App Features

Users are very fond of beautiful designs but, simply love an app having amazing and easy-to-understand navigations!

Offline Capability

Internet Matters, but Network Fluctuates, Our business should not !

Amazing App Features

We provide usability on- and offline, it boosts up the overall positive image about the application in our end users’ mind.

Augmented Reality

An innovative and dynamic feature that allows “to try before buy” model.

Amazing App Features

This model enables to try on new items or goods based on users’ characteristics to increase their ability before making a decision to purchase.

Advanced Analytics

Understand the user’s behaviours deeper by tracking and measuring their activity

Amazing App Features

It is useful in identifying the marketing strategy, working towards user experience improvement, which will ultimately benefit the company’s business.

One Click Contacting

It connects consumers with a business while on the go.

Amazing App Features

The crucial feature that intends to make phone calls. User will quickly reach your office by phone with a single click.

We Make Your life Easier

How to choose between

iPhone, iPad, Android phone or tablet for your Application:

  • Understanding possible features and functionalities supported by iOS and Android
  • Respective positioning of different app stores for iPhone, iPad & Google Play Store based on advancements in applications, user behavior and spending pattern. For example, business and education apps may have no point of utility on iPhone even though they are perfect apps for iPad
  • Understanding the target audience for your app. For example, apps geared toward children might be better suited for larger screens – iPad & Android tablets since kids enjoy large graphics and being able to tap and swipe with ease. However, business apps may do better on iPhone & Android mobile phones since business people tend to work on the go. Also, apps for visually oriented tasks, such as interior design and cooking, might do better on the larger screen of the iPad & Android tablet
  • Games, for example, are played more on mobiles (people on the go), but they don’t spend as much on buying a game or in-app-purchase as compared to the gamers on tablets (iPad & Android tablets)
  • App Profitability: Historically, Apple iOS apps have been more profitable for developers. It is best to compare similar apps and their profitability & download figures on respective platforms
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