Tips for SEO Image Optimization for your website: As we are aware that images speaks. Besides link building there are many other activities an SEO do. The images play a very important role in search engine optimization process. Optimized images can make a web page attractive. An SEO required a number of images while promoting a website online.

Image Optimization for Your Website

Search engine give rank to images on their related keyword and popularity. Here in this article I am sharing 6 useful tips for you to begin image optimization process.

Use unique images that are page-relevant

User always see images before start reading the content because images attract the eyes than text (human nature). An appealing images inspire users to share your content & surely leave impression. Create images that illustrate your article subject with Romance, drama, humor to attract your audience emotionally. If you are launching new product or other event then share your original images, it is much better.

Use the highest quality format possible

Search Engine like high resolution and high quality in content. Website’s page with poor images view in mobile or tablet can harm your website value. Here I am giving tips to choose images format for SEO.

  • – For eCommerce website,JPEG is the best as they have nice quality in low size.
  • – Never use GIF file for larger images
  • – PNG is good alternate for GIFs and JPEGs. Try using PNG-8 over PNG-24

Reduce the Size of Your Image File

By decreasing the images size from your website you can increase your page load time, which is an important ranking factor. Pages with higher loading time because of images suffer from high bounce rate. Use high resolution images with smaller size is always beneficial for websites.

These are the famous image size reducer tools you can use while working…

  • JPEG Optimizer
  • Optimizilla
  • ImageOptim
  • Compressnow
  • Trimage

It is very important to optimize images as this will benefit both UX and technical SEO on your website.

Organize Multiple Images for Optimum Viewing

How you organize your images is important.

For example, if you are giving apartment on rent through series of images, index in right order for better result. Remove any gap between the images. Always test the effectiveness of images you are using. Reduce the number of images can lead more conversions and also increase the page loading time. Always test right balance to find the balance for your audience.

Include a concise caption with your image

Anyone looking for the content related to your keyword will find your page if your properly wrote the content and caption for the images. Maintain your page content and image relevancy.

Images with misleading captions drive your bounce rate rapidly higher, sending poor signals to search engine that your content is not a right match.  Furthermore, captions make your content engaging and easier to understand for viewers. Leaving captions blank is not good for SEO and user experience.

Utilize the “Alt Text” to maximize accessibility

The alternative text is very important part of image optimization. The images are read by this alt text by the search engine. The search engine understand the content by reading image alt text. Like caption, alt text can boost up your content and SEO of page.


To achieve the top rank in the SERP is harder task for anyone. You need to be aware various tactics of digital marketing to get higher ranking in the search engine result page. Start optimizing your images with these simple tips.