When you are looking for promotion of your website or business online then you must be searching for a reputable company to manage your complete SEO. There is good way to choose a right SEO Agency for this purpose. In this article you also get to know that how to promote your business, websites and ideas.

If your website is not in the top 10 search result of SERP in Bing, Google or Yahoo, your potential customers may not be aware about your website existence.

How to Choose A Right SEO Agency for Website Promotion

How to Choose a Right SEO Agency for Business Promotion?

These 10 simple steps guide will let you know about how to choose a right SEO Agency for business and website promotion.

1. Checkout the current and past clients of Company:

A reputed company will proudly share their current and previous work. You may also ask the contact information. Talk to their client they will tell you the truth. You can also deep research about their work by using various tools.

2. Ask about How they will improve search engine rankings?

This is the good question to ask. In reply they must tell you the process they will follow to achieve the targeted goals. Know about the time frame and techniques they will work to achieve the desired goals.

3. Ask them About Search Engine and webmaster guidelines

Google always publish the new updates regarding the algorithms and other important things for the users and search engine. If they are not following those guidelines then your website will get low ranking signals from SERP. If you are spamming the links over search engine then Google could ban you. Yahoo and Bing also post the webmaster guidelines to follow for better visibility in the SERP (search engine result page).

4. When My website will achieve #1 Ranking on Google and Bing?

Some unethical SEO companies will say that yes, they will achieve number 1 rank. Although, this is impossible to guarantee #1 ranking on any search engine. Never belief if some try to trick or claims that they have relationship with search engine. A highest level regular work can achieve this target.

5. How will you Improve our local search results?

Ranking in local search result is important you are delivering location based product or services. Ask them about how you will attract nearby customers? If your website is optimized for local results then it must be rank in top 5 results when someone nearby search a keyword related to your business.

6. What changes you do in My website? Will you tell me about changes?

There are lot of changes required in web page when doing SEO. It is very important that you should know about the changes in website. They may update meta tags, content, add new pages, images, redesign etc. to add value to your website.

7. How You measure your SEO campaign success?

Track your campaign via Google analytics and Webmaster tools. Know how and from where your traffic is coming. Know the complete ranking status and how they will work to continuously improve traffic and ranking in the search engine result page.

8. What communication Channel they follow and How often?

How they will connect with you? How they will be in touch about the issues, and current work status? They prefer Skype, WhatsApp, Email, or Phone Call or any other ways?

9. Know about their charges and payment mode?

Ask them to create a proposal about what services they are offering and how much money they need for this work. Charges are depends on complexity and size of the project. Mostly people charge minimum $250 to $500 for per month work, while highest charges is between $2500 to $5000 per month. Also acknowledge about how often you will need payment i.e. weekly, 30 days, 60 days or 90 days and other charges added if there is a late payment.

10. What Happens When We Part Ways?

If your contract end or expire early for any reason then you should maintain the ownership for all optimized pages and backlinks you paid for. After closing the deal the agency or consultant will not remove anything they added, optimized and modified on your behalf. Every terms and conditions should be mentioned in the contract.

So, these tips you should follow before hire an SEO Agency for your website and business promotion.