Google Will charge $40 Per Gadget to Android Makers: Android manufacturers will have to pay $40 per device to Google in Europe to be featured into Google Play Store and other mobile apps. “The new expenses will contingent upon nation and gadget compose, and it is connected to gadgets actuated on or after 1st February, 2019,” the report said. Google has declined to any remark on it at this moment.

Google Will charge $40 Per Gadget to Android producers

Android makers in Europe will require to pay $40 per gadget to Google included into Google Play Store and other portable applications.

According to a report in The Verge on Friday, a confidential fee schedule shows costs as high as $40 per device to install the “Google Mobile Services” suite of apps.

“The new fees vary depending on country and device type, and it would apply to devices activated on or after February 1st, 2019,” the report said.

Google will charge $40 per device to Android makers in Europe

“Google is also offering separate agreements to cover some or all of the licensing costs for companies that choose to install Chrome and Google search on their devices as well, according to a person familiar with the terms,” it added.

The tech monster, in any case, has denied to any remark on this issue at the present time. Prior in this week, Google said it was refreshing the similarity concurrences with other cell phones creators in Europe and may approach them to pay $40 for Google Play and different its other Android applications utilized in the European landmass. This move was to consent to the choice of the European Union’s antitrust guard dog’s ruling against the world biggest mobile OS.

The European Commission decided that driving gadget makers to pre-introduce Google Search and Chrome was against its opposition administers and fined the tech monster an astounding $5.1 billion in July (Google has bid against the decision).

With the new changes to Android that will happen on October 29, cell phone creators in Europe should pay for certain Google applications. While Android will stay free and open source, Google will offer separate licenses to the Google Search application and to Chrome.