Everyday there are a lot of changes happening in SEO. To know these, some of SEO expert stay tune with the latest update about any algorithm change all the time. Most of people in the search engine optimization industry are unaware about several updates. So, the rules and terms are changing hourly basis. Here in this article I am sharing 9 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About SEO.

9 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About SEO

9 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About SEO

1. Duplicate Content Hurt Your SEO- But Not Always

Black HAT status is changing rapidly. Duplicate content is not as bad as it was once. Canonical tag allow you to republish your content on your website. Duplicate content will not downward your ranking as your might imagine. You can still report those websites who are using your content without your permission but there is no need to worry about your rank loss in the search engine result page.

2. Good SEO is not about huge number of Incoming Links

Incoming links are good to achieve higher ranking in the SERP. Mostly it is right. But sometime your linking has an authority issue. If you are getting huge number of backlinks from unrelated domains it can hurt your rank. Search engine prepare to rank higher those websites who are working in quality rather than quantity.

3. Viral Content is not Valuable as you think

A large amount of content published everyday online to millions of websites, but unique content stand out. Viral content is usually rare. You cannot predict what people will capture from the web. Various big brands create viral commercial content for their brand that just hits the right notes for their audience. This type of your business ads establish your brand in customers mind. But if you have fishing business with local customers, then creating viral content is waste of money and time. If a SEO agency promise you to viral content, do not hire them. Social media is good platform to promote your local business to the selected audience via paid campaigns.

4. Everything must be Relevant:

Do not include the unnecessary content to increase the number of words. Share your content of those websites which are related to your category. Images Alt Tag, Page Title, subheadings and other page attribution should be related to your website.

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5. All Search Engines Does Not Use Links as a Ranking Factor

So, if you ask that is it possible to rank higher in SERP without links? The answer is yes. Yandex is biggest search engine in Russia and it does not consider links as a ranking factor. Yandex said that their algorithm will be link-free. The Russian commercial SERPs receive black hat SEO techniques to quickly rank the new websites. Google also loves to rank those websites which are more useful for the users instead of links.

6. Rich Snippet has no direct impact on your ranking

This add extra information to the listing in the search result. Google has said earlier that it does not influence the rankings. The answer is also available at webmaster help forum. Rich snippet have no direct impact on your keyword rank.

7. Object Detection in Images Is a Strong Ranking Signal

Object Detection in Images adds an extra layer of ranking signals that cannot be easily altered.

You know that Google is smart enough to recognize objects in images but now object recognition is a ranking signal that can affect any business out there. Earlier SEOs use to optimize the images with title, alt tag etc. but they need to optimize the objects now.

8. Google Use Search Evaluators to Determine the Quality of Results

You that a lot of algorithms are used by Google in order to rank a website in the SERP. To find out the quality of search results Google hired people who make around 40,000 precision evaluations. These search evaluators have to establish the quality of results for various searches.

9. A Video on Homepage is Very Good for Ranking Your Website

As you know that YouTube is 2nd largest search engine of the world with amazing popularity of videos. Everybody likes videos. Online video marketing and advertising has been already popular. To double your website traffic you may try to insert a video on website homepage. A study by Tabular Insights tell us that videos have 41% higher CTR than text. Video on homepage will double the chances to show on page 1 in the Google SERP.


These are the unknown facts about SEO. There may be some of them you already knows. But these are very useful. If you are in SEO and digital marketing industry you should be aware of these 9 Interesting Facts You Never Knew About SEO.