10 Tricks to Boost Website Traffic Faster

The most important struggle for SEO and digital marketing specialist is to grow website traffic. Top position holders on competitive keywords are backed by experienced SEO & digital marketing. Those very very experienced people shared some secrets to boost website traffic with me, so I am writing here. Check 10 Tips to boost website traffic faster.

  1. Facebook Re-marketing

In the last 2 years the advertisement on FB has been doubled. The social media has been the fastest growing platform for the advertisements. Marketers are aware about the role of Facebook in business marketing. Most important feature of FB marketing is re-marketing. This remarketing is very useful for B2B and B2C platforms. By Facebook remarketing you can easily target the audience who have visited your website. The process can be easily set up by Facebook pixel tracking code on the website.

2 Email List

Everyone say that build an email list. Marketers are aware about how many emails are going in spam folder. Still email is nice way to reach people. If you are targeting right audience with right content then send them notification on email. Create a very good quality of landing page. Do A/B test for future actions. By using tool like unbounce, you can build visually appealing landing pages.

  1. Guest Blogging

Building something from scratch is an uphill task online. To build audience for your website guest posting is well known technique for doing this task. Define your targeted demographic. You can take help of Audience Insight on Google Analytics and social media platforms. Alexa is also a good tool to tell you about potential guest posting website’s audience insight.

  1. Social Media Automation

There are several promotional activities you can easily automate to grow your social media traffic on your website. After publishing your post try to reach larger amount of people on social media platforms. You can make this task very easy by posting on social media by a tool like CoSchedule.

  1. On Page SEO

Google love the content that is problem solving and informative for the visitors. You can easily optimize your website through on page SEO. You should at least rank with your focus keyword and try targeting content by ‘skyscraper technique”. I have seen very good result after using this technique.

  1. Long Tail Keywords

These type of keywords are unpopular, because their search volume is not very good. But this type of keywords can give you some serious traffic on your website. Statista study shows that on-page SEO need 50% of focus on long tail keywords to get right traffic. Long-tail keywords are generally conversational, something that your targeted groups could use when they’re looking for specific answers that regular keywords don’t cover. You can also use keyword planner or ubersuggest tool to find long-tail keywords.

  1. LinkedIn Groups

This platform is good source of genuine traffic. The LinkedIn groups are right place for marketing but it is important to maintain respect and consideration. Stay active and don’t spam group by too much posting. Share only group related information.

  1. Infographic Sharing

Infographic is the good source to generate traffic to your website. You can easily create the infographics by using pre-made templates. Create the right landing page for your audience and optimize it. There are various websites who accepts infographic posts. You can also share your infographics on Slide Share and other online promotional platforms.

  1. Slideshare

This is good website to grow your website traffic. Create amazing power-point slides and share and distribute it to different social platforms. Try to create brilliant visuals and share them on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other platforms. Canva has a very good template library for slides creation.

  1. Interviews

Interviews generate a huge traffic, when it conducted on regular basis. Create unique title and take interviews of influencers of your industry. Sharing of an interview can give a good impact on your reach and marketing.